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Promotional Products

Be proud of your company with merchandise showing off your brand. Great for give away items, employee uniforms, and sellable merchandise. 

Companies have been using promotional products as a marketing tactic for years, so why shouldn’t you? SEI knows that giveaways and freebies are a consumer favorite! Whether this is hats, pens, water bottles, calendars, or anything else you can think of, the options are endless. Choosing promotional products that are not only unique, but are also useful, creates a broader impact on your business or brand.

By entrusting SEI to create promotional products for your business or brand, you are ensuring that your promotional merchandise is created with high-quality in mind. Consumers will associate the prime quality of your gift items with the quality and standards of your business. An innovative campaign for your promotional products will complement your other marketing strategies, creating a larger impact on potential and current customers for years to come.

Navy, Red, Light Gray, Black, Dark Gray Tee Shirts


Employee uniforms, branded t-shirts

Promotional Products Screen printing, embroidery, engraving SEI HQ


Hats with your organizations logo embroidered, printed, or heat pressed. 



Branded koozies for your organization or business. 



Branded pens for your employees or customers.  

White Mug


Branded cups for your organization or business. 

desktop notepad set


Branded notepads for meetings, and general note taking.

Here are three ways that promotional products from SEI can help market your brand:

Low-Cost Marketing

Many companies can only begin to dream of a low-cost advertising campaign that overwhelmingly spreads all throughout the media. Well, dream no more! SEI offers budget friendly promotional products that everyone will love. Pricing on the items is low for mass distribution, but the high impact on consumers is notable. Items that a consumer will pick up every day, such as a coffee mug, deliver a fantastic value for the investment. Many customers are won over simply by receiving a giveaway or freebie from the company.

Works as Your Business Card

What if you could have a “business card” with more than one function? You can add your contact information to your gift items – just like a business card! Promotional products not only serve as fun items to have and to hold, but can keep your business information right in their hands. If you choose to distribute promotional products that relate to what your business provides, you are directly introducing your brand to potential customers. If you have interest in promoting your social media, these products are also a great way to work with your social media campaign. For example, you can put your hashtags on hats and t-shirts, or even print your QR codes on a water bottle or can koozie!

Business Exposure

Have you ever seen a website or TV advertisement, but it was only shown for seconds? There is no way that even the quickest of eyes can take in and remember all of that information in such a short time! Promotional products will stay in front of eyes and will always be around. Consumers may wear your printed t-shirt on several occasions. Or, a drink might be taken from their water bottle or coffee mug multiple times during a get together. Regardless of the item, freebies such as these are a fantastic way to increase the exposure your business receives daily.

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