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Marketing Essentials

Every company has essential printing needs to give employees ,customers, and potential customers familiarity with your brand or organization. 

Are you looking to stand out from the competition? Not only do effective signs spread the essence of your brand to others, they also establish a first impression. When a competing business has a sign up, you may wonder what they’re doing right, and we can assist you in doing it better. If your competitor doesn’t already have business signs – you’ve automatically put yourself ahead of the game!

Right here in Slidell, SEI is here to help your business be exceptionally noticeable, and to help you represent your business the way it deserves.

If you don’t use signage in your methods of marketing, you may be losing out on all of the advantages of having business signs. Signs are made to represent the business that you have put an immense amount of time into. A colorful, vibrant, or reflective sign will entice consumers and incorporate a professional image for your business. Signage is going to be available for the public to see all day, every day, making it the most consistent and dependable form of marketing. When your business is closed, your business signs will do all of the work for you, letting consumers know that you are there!

There is an abundance of business signs to choose from, making it effortless for SEI to find the right fit for your advertising needs. Many of our most popular types of signs include yard signs, hanging pole signs, feather flags, and many more.

Business signs can show off the culture of your brand. With the right design and message, how your consumers picture your business will easily be grasped within the first 60 seconds of viewing your signage. Stealing the attention of those who are passing by, signs will pull traffic into your store that may not have originally planned on stopping by! Enticing signage that is placed near your business can lead people in the right direction and will motivate customers to look at what you have to offer.

Allow us, here in Slidell, at SEI, help you put your company in the right direction with fully customizable signs. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Coastal, SpeedyTire, R&R Powersports, SEI Business Cards

Business Cards

A networking essential.  

SEI Brochures


Essential for reception desks, chamber advertising, and informing new clients.

The Hunting Experts Flier Realtree United Country


Spead the word with fliers about your business or upcoming event. 

Coastal Environmental Services Example Signs SEI HQ

presentation folders

 Essential for internal and external meetings to represent your business. 


direct mailers

Notify customers or start direct mail marketing. 

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