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architectural & Dimensional Signs

Nowadays, architectural signs involve just about every indoor and outdoor execution that you can imagine! This can be anything from large ads on a digital message board, to small signs in a bathroom. SEI creates wall graphics, lightbox signs, dimensional letterings, ADA safety signs, directional signs, and so much more – all in the work of creating a cohesive system of architectural signs.

As the name implies, architectural signs concern buildings and other manmade structures. You will find this type of signage on facilities such as offices, campuses, government organizations, and almost any large building. Most buildings can maintain professional navigation and appearance with architectural signs due to a cooperative design language, typography, and material. The art of combining these elements in an aesthetically pleasing way is a great way to represent your business or brand and complement the look of your building.

Cortez Medical Plaza Plaque Interior Signage SEI HQ

ada, tactile braille and photopolymer

Government regulated signage, interior building and waring signs. 

Plaque Designs SEI HQ Knights of Columbus Bronze Plaque

bronze plaques

Monument plaques, historical markers, memorial plaques.

Interior Wall Signage with Vision Statement St. Tammany Corporation Architectural Sign SEI HQ

lazer cut acrylic, formed plastic, and injection molded letters

 Corporate logos, reception desks, clean interior signage.

The Building Signage SEI HQ Ronnie & Gardner Kole Stage Architectural Sign

flat cut, cast & Fabricted metal letters

 Corporate logos, monument or building lettering, high end interior signage.

Audubon Building Signage SEI HQ


Large presence signs integrated to the environment and matched to your architecture

Olde Towne Pizza Co Historical District Signage SEI HQ

Sandblasted & Historical district

Historical district signage, vintage looking, extremely long lasting signs.

Directory Plaques Stairwell Signs SEI HQ

Directory & Wayfinding

Office & room labels, maps, & directories. 

But Wait – There’s More!

Effective branding and marketing doesn’t stop with media and digital advertising! When a potential business partner, buyer, or client visits your building, the first impression is formed the moment they set foot on the property. So, what goes into creating architectural signs? There are three major aspects that come with creating a beautiful display or architectural sign for your brand.


Although it is necessary for architectural signs to be visibly attractive, that’s not the most important part! It’s important that your signage enhances the environment around it. The form should easily follow the function. Charles Eames, a famous industrial designer, once said, “Design depends largely on constraints.” We couldn’t agree more! Signs have their own single purpose to serve, and they are constrained by that purpose – they aren’t meant to be sculptures or designs!


Quality exterior architectural signs should be durable, while the interior signs should appear more elegant. SEI constructs the materials for our signage with close attention to details, with physical strength in mind. Unlike most types of signage, these signs won’t require nearly as much repair and maintenance down the road – which is better for your wallet, too!

Code Compliance

When you work with SEI to create the perfect architectural signs for your business, you are partnering with a company that follows OSHA and ADA guidelines. Accessibility requirements carry a significance, specifically your physically disabled and visually impaired patrons and employees. If you display signage that isn’t compliant with the right guidelines, your company is at risk of receiving fines!