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channel letters

Are you thinking about adding channel letter signs to your storefront but aren’t sure what your options are? It’s important to know the basics of this type of sign before you make your decision! Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs with separate illumination, and their own individual structure. Channel letters can be any number, letter, or other character. When the individual characters are put together with other designs, it creates a sign presentation. Each letter is manufactured using acrylic and aluminum sheeting. Channel letter signs are extremely flexible and can be made with a large assortment of fonts, colors, and sizes.

SEI keeps up with all the latest technology and solutions put forward by the industry to make sure our clients have high quality solutions for their business that conform to commercial industry standards. 

Reverse halo

For a unique and classy look, solid lettering is made to jump out by those in passing with a halo light. When illuminated, there is a “halo effect” surrounding the shape of each individual character for a classy, timeless look.

Value Drug Mart pharmacy


Professional channel letter signage. Built to city ordinances, rated for wind & weather  

Front lit channel letters for stanton optical business signs

front / back lit

Add an extra layer of contrast and visiblity with a dual lit, front & back channel letter. 



If you are searching for a look that is both classy and unique, you should consider reverse-lit channel letter signs! Instead of using acrylic for the face of the sign, reverse channel letters use .063 aluminum returns, .090 metal facets, and contain clear 1/8” or 3/16” polycarbonate or Lexan backs. The return of this type of channel letter is generally smaller, typically around 3.5 inches. They are mounted with a 1.5-inch standoff, so that when illuminated, a “halo effect” takes place and surrounds the shape of the individual characters.


Front-lit channel letter signs are the most common type out there. These are considered standard in the channel letter industry! A front-lit channel letter contains an acrylic face, an aluminum back, aluminum returns, and trim cap. The variety of options with this type of sign is large, and front-lit channel letters can be customized in many ways!


Have you ever wanted to create a sign that has a blue illuminated face, and a red halo effect? What about yellow illumination with a black halo? Pink and purple? Orange and green? The possibilities are endless! If you like to have creative options, combination-lit channel letter signs may be right for you. The face of this sign is made with 3/6” acrylic and is mounted with trim cap to the aluminum returns, which is generally around 5”. Like back-lit channel letters, this type of letter utilizes a clear Lexan back that is custom-made with translucent vinyl to give off the halo coloring.



Several landlords and property management companies have a requirement that channel letter signs, if used, are to be embedded on a raceway mount. This is a metal box that hones the power supply and electrical wiring for the individual letters. The main advantage of this type of mount is that the number of required wall penetrations to complete the embedment is reduced. Most landlords appreciate this! Raceways are generally painted to match the building’s exterior.


If appearance is your main concern, there is a high possibility that you will be in favor of your channel letter signs having a direct mount. With this type of mount, the channel letters are directly attached to the building’s front exterior, utilizing a pattern and non-corrosive fasteners. When using a direct mount with reverse channel letter signs, standoff spacers are the standard option. The electric wiring that connects one letter to the next and the main power source are both honed behind the bulkhead wall or exterior.


Finally, there is a backer mount. This mount is very similar to a raceway mount. The difference is that the channel letter signs, instead of a metal box, are attached to a backer panel or a metal cabinet that is larger in width and height than the channel letters themself. The wiring and the power supply can either be honed behind the bulkhead wall, or inside the back “cabinet”.

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