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Lighted Signs

Advertise your business after sunset and increase distance readability with a lighted sign. 

Are you looking for a way for your business to outshine your competition?  If so, you need to consider a custom-lighted sign from SEI! Our lighted signs assist in advertising your business after sunset and increasing the distance readability.  You work hard for your business and you deserve to be noticed.  A simple way to stand out is a lighted sign.  Lighted signs come in various shapes, sizes and styles.  Our premium, high quality illuminated signs will give your corporate building, retail storefront, etc. the attention it needs. 

Types of Lighted Signs

At SEI we offer several different types of lighted signs.

Extruded Aluminum Can Lighted Sign

The extruded aluminum can is a universal lighted solution. This type of lighted sign offers an illuminated cabinet with a panel on the front designed with your business name, logo, etc.

Common Channel Lighted Sign

The common channel lighted sign works well for complex logos and signs with extra graphical requirements. 

Pylon/LED message board lighted Sign

The pylon/LED message board lighted signs provide professional roadside signage with LED boards for specials and variable advertising.

LED Signs

LED signs offer your business state-of-the-art electronic sign technology and the ability to easily change out the wording, specials, and more! This allows you to test how different messages can affect your foot traffic.

A bright lighted sign will catch the eye of pedestrians and motorists as they pass by your business. SEI HQ’s well-made lighted signs leave a lasting imprint of your brand on customers’ minds. To reinforce your brand, we can even make you a sign that contains the business’s logo.  A completely customizable lighted sign is affordable and low-maintenance – and they are visible 24/7.  Lighted Signs are a simple and effective way to showcase your brand!  The cost per thousand is much lower for signage than many other types of advertising. 

Contact our professionals today to discuss lighted sign options for your business!

Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health Lighted sign

extruded aluminum can

The universal lighted sign solution.

Lighted Signs Wraps No Smoke About It

common channel

For complex logos, and signs with extra graphical requirements. 

LED Pylon sign for Coastal Environmental Services

pylon/ LED message board

Professional highway side signage, with led boards for specials & variable advertising. 

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